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Race & Class Walk Into A Bar

Race & Class Walk Into A Bar

One of the big barriers to getting white people to deal with race is the language we use to try and put race into perspective. One word, in fact:


White people have serious reactions to this word because the definition we most use for it is RICH. And when we talk about race- especially African-Americans- we talk a lot about being POOR.

So when you’re trying to talk to an average white…

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I think it’s odd that you can’t joke about rape, when people joke about murder all the time. A lot more people are dying than getting raped. I think it’s a comedian’s job to make everything funny. Nothing is off-limits.

i say this all the time.

loved this.

I remember my first women’s studies class at Stanford, when there was a conflict when one of the white woman students was talking about the Black maid at her home, and how much they loved her. And I raised the question, “But does she love you? What do you really know of what she says about you when she is home? What have you done to earn the right to talk about her?” Of course, I remembered that when my mother came home, the critique that she brought to bear on the white people that she worked for was fierce. They would not have been able to imagine it. She would come home and do a gendered critique, or do a critique of the idea of female freedom, of the white female leisure-class model in a way that the white people she worked for did not see because of their racism and classism.


bell hooks, in homegrown: Engaged Cultural Critique in the chapter “Feminist Iconography,” p. 39.

Funny I read this this weekend after hearing and reading so much about The Help.

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I kinda feel like this when white people tell me they had a black nanny. I know the bond between nanny and child can be heaps strong…but when white people mention this, they usually say it to show they have some kind of understanding of blackness or that they love blackness. No, you love what blackness can do for you. Not for what and who the black person is.

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“No, you love what blackness can do for you.” - THIS

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ok. ok.
i laughed.
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ok. ok.

i laughed.

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this is my fav buffy.

this is my fav buffy.

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i say this a lot.
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i say this a lot.

every year.
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every year.


i am large. i contain multitudes.


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